BNC Coax Surge Protector

  • Coax Surge Supressor
  • Protects DVR and Cameras

  • Description

    BNC Coaxial surge suppressors are often overlooked in CCTV installations, but when there is a lightning strike in the vicinity of low voltage electronics they easily succumb to the overvoltage spread in a surge. If you want to safeguard against costly equipment replacements after a lightning storm, then we suggest installing two of these BNC surge suppressors per camera. It is meant to go at each end of the cable that connects a camera to its recorder. One Coax Surge Suppressor would go at the camera end, and the other at the DVR end.


    • Lightning surge suppression
    • Provides additional protection by grounding each camera-to-cable connection
    • Protects against hazardous transients
    • Meets UL requirements for coaxial cable

    Equipment they can help protect which cameras connect to

    • DVR Recorders
    • CCTV Monitors
    • Multiplexers
    • Quad Processors
    • PC DVRs


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