8 Channel Quad Processor, 8 Camera Video Switcher

  • 8 Channel Video Switcher
  • Video Processor
  • Supports 8 Channels
  • Grid Display
  • Switching Display
  • Description

    This 8 Channel Video Switcher can serve multiple purposes. You can use it as a simple video switcher for use with Analog Security Cameras that are CVBS standard definition (non-HD) to switch between camera, or as a Dual Page Quad processor that has the ability to display 4 cameras in a grid on two pages. Here is a list of the various display modes this 8 Camera Quad has to offer:

    • 4 Cameras on one screen in a Quad Grid format, switching between each page of 4 cameras at a fixed time interval that can be set
    • 1 Camera in Full Screen mode automatically or manually switching
    • 2 Camera view showing 2 security camera feeds side-by-side
    • Picture in Picture (PIP) mode that lets you view any 2 cameras together on one screen, very similar to PIP on a home TV

    If less than 8 cameras are connected, the video processor will automatically skip video from that channel.

    The 8 Channel Dual Page Quad video processor also provides Real Time Video when 4 cameras are connected, that is 30 frames per second without any lag. If all 8 camera channels are used, then video is displayed in half real time that is 15 frames per second per camera.

    What’s included?

    • (1) 8 Channel Video Processor & Switcher
    • (1) Power supply for the processor
    • (1) Handheld remote control for use up to 6 feet away


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