Customized Solutions for Your Unique Needs

Explore our wide range of customized solutions, including CCTV poles, light poles, solar poles, and more. At Brightelv, we specialize in providing bespoke products designed to meet your unique requirements. Discover the difference with our expert craftsmanship and innovative designs.

Leading ELV Solutions in Dubai

BrightELV specializes in providing cutting-edge ELV solutions to enhance CCTV installation and maintenance, structure cabling , and audio solution. Discover our comprehensive range of services designed to meet the unique needs of businesses and residences across Dubai.

Custom Fabrication Solution

Discover solutions tailored to your unique needs, ensuring the perfect fit for any challenge or requirement.
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Surveillance Solution

Experience unparalleled security with our cutting-edge surveillance solutions, designed for your peace of mind.
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All types of brackets

Enhance your security setup with our comprehensive range of CCTV brackets, designed to meet your specific needs.
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Profession . Trust . Safety . Innovative

Bright Elv Technology Excels In Providing Innovative, Trustworthy, And Cost-Efficient ELV Technology Solutions. Our Mission Is To Enhance The Comfort And Intelligence Of Your Home And Business Through The Integration Of Cutting-Edge Solutions. Our Commitment To Improving Your Life Is Underscored By Our Dedication To Unparalleled Quality, Productivity, And Reliability.

Our Company Has Grown to Become One of the CCTV Brackets Poles Cabnets Accessories & Customized Solution Suppliers as a Brand Name of ” i-Link” We Export Our Products All Over the World with Very Strong Client Base in Retail, Corporate and Hotel Projects.

Are You Considering The Implementation Of A Comprehensive ELV Solution? As An Accomplished ELV Company In Dubai, We Are More Than Equipped To Help. Though We Are Headquartered In Dubai, Our Services Are Not Geographically Restricted. Whether You Are In Search Of ELV Companies In Abu Dhabi Or Any Other Emirate Within The UAE, We Offer Full Supply And Installation Services To Meet Your Needs.

Get In Touch With Us Today And Let Us Revolutionize The Way You Live And Do Business With Our Advanced ELV Solutions.

We operate in middle east and beyond

With a strong foothold in the Middle East, Bright Elv Technology LLC extends its operations beyond, reaching out to international markets. Our innovation-driven ELV solutions echo across the globe, delivering top-tier technology services to a diverse and expanding clientele.

As we continue to grow, our commitment to creating pioneering and reliable solutions remains steadfast. Each stride taken in the UAE arena is a testament to our vision of making a global impact with our state-of-the-art technology services.

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Our product line

At Bright Elv, we take immense pride in presenting a comprehensive range of products that are meticulously curated to cater to a wide array of technological needs. Our diverse product line is the result of careful selection and keen understanding of evolving market demands.

Our catalogue features state-of-the-art solutions that embody the latest trends and advancements in technology. From cutting-edge computing devices and software to sophisticated communication systems and innovative IoT solutions, we strive to be your one-stop destination for all your technology needs.

check out our main product line: 

Customized Solutions



Customized Solutions

In the digital era, where customization plays a pivotal role, BRIGHTELV stands at the forefront, providing AV Custom Accessories tailored to suit a multitude of user needs. These products are designed with an emphasis on versatility and adaptability, fitting effortlessly into various environments. Our focus on creating user-centric, efficient accessories makes us the go-to choice for those looking to enhance their audio-visual systems.

Our AV Custom Accessories offer more than just adaptability; they promise seamless integration and exceptional performance. They form the backbone of efficient AV systems, enabling smooth operations and delivering superior quality. From amplifying sounds to delivering crystal-clear visuals, these accessories ensure a heightened sensory experience that captivates your audience and facilitates effective communication.

Furthermore, we believe in the power of immersive experiences. Our AV Custom Accessories are not merely functional components; they are instrumental in creating enriched, immersive environments.

Customized Solutions

Viedio wall structure

Like the conductor of an orchestra, our video wall structures harmonize your multiple screens, creating a symphony of visual delight.

Kiosk stand

Stand tall and mighty, our Kiosk stands are not only functional but fashionably engineered to capture attention and streamline user interaction.

Face Plates with
Pigtails and

Our face plates, complete with pigtails and connectors, offer streamlined installation and seamless connectivity that translate into flawless performance.


Command authority and exude confidence with our ergonomically designed podiums – a perfect partner for every speaker.

Custom AV Racks

Organize and optimize with our AV racks and accessories, designed to house your equipment with care and precision.

AV Floor Box

Keep your cables tidy and safe with our custom floor boxes, your perfect partner in creating a clutter-free environment.

IP-65 Rated Box

The IP-65 Rated Box is designed to provide superior protection against dust and water, ensuring the safety and functionality of electrical components housed inside.

custom speaker stand

Custom speaker stands are designed to fit specific speaker models or user preferences, providing optimal positioning and enhanced audio performance.

Flight Case Boxes

A flight case is a sturdy and protective container designed for transporting and storing valuable equipment such as musical instruments, audio-visual gear, and other delicate items, ensuring they remain safe during travel.

Physical Security Accessories

we prioritize your safety above all else. Recognizing the need for comprehensive, reliable security solutions in today’s world, we offer an extensive line of Physical Security Accessories. These products are designed to safeguard your spaces, ensuring that you can operate with peace of mind in a secure environment.

Our Physical Security Accessories range from cutting-edge surveillance systems to advanced access control devices, all crafted to deliver high-performance security. Our commitment to quality ensures that each product offers robust and dependable protection, guarding your valuable assets against potential threats.

Beyond just providing physical security products, we strive to create a complete, integrated security solution for our clients. Our accessories are easy to install and manage, and they work seamlessly together to form a protective barrier. With Bright ELV’s Physical Security Accessories, you can trust that your security is in capable hands.


Camera Brackets,

Stabilize your surveillance with our camera brackets, poles, and enclosures. Your guardian angels for safety and security.

CCTV Poles

CCTV poles mount surveillance cameras at optimal heights and are made from durable materials like steel or aluminum.

CCTV Accessories

CCTV accessories enhance system functionality, offering mounts, power supplies, cables, and more for optimal performance and durability.

Customized Poles

Customized poles are tailored to meet specific requirements, offering various materials, heights, and designs to suit different needs and applications.

AV Accessories

AV Accessories enhance audio-visual setups, providing necessary cables, mounts, and more to ensure optimal performance and a seamless user experience.

CCTV Racks

House your security apparatus with our resilient CCTV racks, designed for optimal space utilization and secure installation.

Network Cat6 Cables, Racks & Accessories

Experience blazing-fast data transmission with our high-performance Cat6 network cables and accessories.

Network Switches

Manage your network traffic with ease and efficiency using our robust and reliable network switches.

Fiber Patch Codes, Connecters

Deliver lightning-fast data with our fiber patch cords and connectors, the arteries of your network system.

Table Pop Up Boxes

The table popup box is a sleek and convenient solution for office connectivity, providing easy access to power outlets and USB ports while minimizing cable clutter.

Octagon Electrical Box

The Octagon Electrical Box is a sturdy container used to house and protect electrical connections, commonly utilized for ceiling light fixtures and similar applications.

Display Products & Solutions

In the realm of visual presentation and communication, Bright ELV delivers top-tier Display Products & Solutions. Designed to merge advanced technology with captivating aesthetics, our products redefine the way businesses interact and engage with their audiences.

Our product range includes a spectrum of dynamic display technologies – from crystal-clear high-resolution screens to interactive displays that facilitate engagement. Each product is meticulously designed to ensure every visual communication is not only eye-catching but also conveys its message with clarity and impact.

Beyond providing top-quality products, we are committed to shaping the future of display technology. Choosing BRIGHTELV’s Display Products & Solutions means embracing the next wave of interactive communication, setting the pace in your industry, and transforming the way you connect with your audience.

Display Products & Solutions

Surveillance Monitors

No need to worry about safety when you’ve got our Surveillance Monitors on the job. Keep an eye out, because these babies don’t miss a thing.

LCD splicing Unit

Our LCD Splicing Unit offers high-resolution, seamless video walls. It’s an innovative solution that enhances visual communication, boosts productivity, and delivers an impactful message.

LED video wall

Showcase your content on a grand scale with our LED Video Wall. It’s an effective tool to capture attention, disseminate information, and create a high impact brand experience.

Video Wall Controllers

Streamline your content management with our Video Wall Controllers. They improving your operational effectiveness and visual communication.

Intractive Display

Promote engaging, interactive experiences with our Interactive Display. It’s increasing the overall effectiveness of your presentations.


Our high-quality Projectors offer superior visual clarity, enabling businesses to effectively present their ideas.


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Video Conference System

Enhance your team collaboration with our Video Conference System. In an increasingly globalized business environment, fostering productivity and business growth.

Kiosk Screens

Our Kiosk Screens offer an efficient, interactive platform for businesses to disseminate information, engage customers, and enhance their brand image.

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the Global Supplier for cutting-edge ELV products. Empowering businesses with innovative technology, seamless integration, and superior performance. Trust our experienced 42+ team Employees to deliver high-quality solutions tailored to your unique needs.


Together, let’s surpass your competition and achieve customer satisfaction with more than 128 projects completed. Choose BrightElv Technology LLC for excellence in Surveillance, Audio-Visual, Home Automation, and Building Management solutions with our 1000+ product lines.




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There's no match for this company's product quality and diversity. I've expanded my retail business tremendously since I started sourcing from them. Each item is top-notch and flies off our shelves!


Amazing! This company is the definition of 'value for money.' Excellent product quality at an unbeatable price point.