Customized CCTV Poles in Dubai

At Bright ELV, a leading CCTV poles maker in Dubai, our security camera poles are specifically engineered to minimize vibrations and offer stability akin to standard light poles. These robust structures adeptly tackle diverse challenges by incorporating tube clamps and utilizing pre-existing light bars for the strategic placement of sensors, safety cameras, and detectors.

Regardless of the system being wired or wireless, these poles enhance the functionality of your security setup. As the need for security grows in both public and private sectors, the safety of people and property has become a top priority.

Transportation authority’s employ surveillance cameras both on and off roads to monitor traffic patterns and ensure public safety. A multitude of commercial property owners greatly value security camera poles, as they serve as a crucial component in their surveillance systems. Perfectly suited for securing vital facilities such as parks, prisons, airports, and highway perimeters, our camera pole is tailor-made to meet your requirements.

Customized CCTV Poles

ApplicationCCTV Camera Pole
Dimensions2mtr height, 90 mm Dia, 2mm thickness
Base90 × 90 mm, 2mm thickness
MaterialMs With Powder Coating
FeaturesCamera Brackets With Cable Management

Our Comprehensive Support and Services

Custom Pole Design

Offer to design cctv poles that are customized to your client's specific needs and preferences. You can provide various options such as different shapes, sizes, materials, and finishes.

Maintenance and Repair

Offer regular maintenance services to ensure the light poles remain in optimal condition. This could include cleaning, repainting, or repairing any damage.

Smart Pole Solutions

Provide advanced lighting options that can be integrated into smart city systems, such as poles with solar panels.

Installation Services

Provide professional installation of the cctv poles. This includes site preparation, proper placement, and ensuring that all installations meet local regulations.