Aluminium Cladding In Dubai

When it comes to contemporary building design, Aluminium cladding is the top choice.

Aluminium composite or ACM is a specific type of cladding made up of two aluminium faces bonded to a dark neoprene core.

It is especially favored in contemporary building designs where budget is a significant consideration. Aluminum Cladding comes in a wide range of metallic and powder coated colors.

The versatility of metallic facades is endless as they can be customized to match the project’s unique color and finish requirements. 

These facades not only look great, but they also offer excellent weather protection, making them highly functional.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, ACM is an affordable exterior cladding option that can be compared favorably to other metallic options like HPL, Core Ten, or Zinc.

Durability, low maintenance, lightweight, hygiene, and recyclability are just some of the features that make Aluminium cladding an excellent choice.


ACM is a popular option in the industry because of its flexibility and ease of fabrication. Since it is resistant to termites and other pests and allows walls to breathe, there is a low risk of leaks. 

To enhance its energy efficiency, ACM can be fitted with insulation on the back or underneath.