HD Video Balun

  • Passive Video Balun
  • Analog video up to 1000ft
  • 1 Pair
  • For 1080P HDCVI Cameras
  • For 720P HDCVI Cameras
  • Signal transmission up to 500ft

  • Description

    Specialized Video Balun pair to transmit video signals for HD analog security cameras, including HDCVI cameras, TVI, and AHD cameras up to 4MP or 2K resolution. You can even use them with regular standard definition older CCTV cameras.

    The principle is the same as any other video balun: these are an easy solution to send video over CAT5E/CAT6 or any 2 lead wire (also called twisted pair wire). You can run your HD video signal up to 500ft without losing clarity or color depending on the resolution of the camera and signal type.

    If you’re interested in learning more about how to use these video baluns, then please watch the video below where we describe in detail how to use a two-lead wire from solid copper cat5e wire to connect a pair of baluns together. As mentioned in the video, it is important to use good quality wire that is solid copper, and not CCA (copper clad aluminum) or CCS (copper clad silver), otherwise your video may have interference.


    • Passive Video Baluns
    • 1 Pair to carry one camera’s video signal
    • BNC Plug to Twisted pair adapter
    • Transmits video only
    • Supports the following cable types: UTP CAT 5e, CAT66
    • Video transmission distance: 800 ft (Black & White), 500ft (Color) Depending on Camera Resolution
    • Max resolution up to 4MP
    • Requires no power supply for video transmission (camera must be powered separately)


    • 1 Pair Video Balun


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