i-Link High Speed 4K HDMI Cable with Ethernet

I-link High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet provides an uncompressed, all-digital interface for both audio and video signals. Our cables infuse high-quality tinned copper wire to resist interference for improved image clarity. We offer HDMI cable at lengths of 2 to 20 meters with resolutions up to 4K DCI (3840 × 2160p @ 60Hz)


4K UHD (3840 x 2160P @ 60 Hz), and 1080p @ 60 Hz signals

HDMI Ethernet Channel functionality: additional dedicated data channel supports networking *

HDMI (3D, Deep Color, 4K) and HDCP 2 compatible

Gold-plated connectors for reliable transmissions

Available in lengths from 2 to 20 m


Bend Radius 90°


Video resolution : Up to 3840 X 2160 @ 60Hz

Physical properties:

Cable length :1m, 2m, 3m, 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m

Cable color : Black

Connector Material: Tinned Copper

Connector Plating: Gold

Connector Type: HDMI (19 pin) Male to Male

Cable Shield Type: Aluminum Foil

Cable Jacket Type : PVC


Operating Temperature : 700 C

Rating : RoHS, C E


HDMI Fog Face Black Industrial Grade H100 Notes



Standard 2.0 resolution: 4K * 2k@60HZ




Sony 4k Blu Ray Player, Huawei Glory 4K Box,

Apple 4K, Xiaomi box 4k HDR, hmd q 5 Generation 4K, high end HDI player; Sony 4k TV, Samsung UHD 4k HDR display, video game console.

TDR test-the most authoritative test report test instrument: Measuring electrical characteristics of wires for delay, attenuation,

impedance, crosstalk, resistance, insulation, frequency etc. .

Professional Instrument Test Sony Ubp-7004k Blu-ray Player: Is the latest Sony 4K player


Plug in

Load-bearing test and anti-dropping design of gold-plated plug

In-line structure


Three-layer shielding of aluminum-magnesium wire and aluminum foil for oxygen-free copper conductor


Oxygen-free copper-is high purity, anti-corrosion, extremely low electrical impedance makes wire for high-speed high-quality transmission signals

Outward appearance  

100P super soft PVC, fog surface black new environmental protection material


New Environmental Protection Material, fog surface appearance high-grade, no smell, cut complete without bubbles




Wire Gage


1.5/3/5M=30AWG Conductor copper wire 0.25 mm 96B OD8.0 8/10/12M=28AWG Conductor copper wire0.32mm 96B OD9.0 12/15/25/30M=26AWG Conductor copper wire0.41mm 96B OD9.0 20、40、50M=24AWG Conductor copper wire0.51mm 128B OD9.5




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