PoE Extender

  • PoE Extender
  • Passive PoE input
  • 802.3af PoE output
  • PoE and non-PoE compatible
  • Can be daisy chained
  • Ideal for PTZ Cameras

  • Description

    This PoE extender will allow you to extend your IP camera cable runs without needing additional power sources along the way. You will need to make sure you are using one of our high power PoE+ injectors to provide adequate power to the camera. If you are using our low power small bullet or dome IP PoE cameras that require only a max of 7Watts, this device can be cascaded with another identical PoE extender unit up to a maximum 300m run, and has additional ports to connect up to 3 cameras when using two of them in tandem. If you are using one extender, you can connect up to two cameras to one extender.


    • For use with Passive PoE input up to 54V max 60 Watts
    • Extends network cabling signal beyond the 100m barrier
    • For use with PoE or non-PoE applications
    • Supports IEEE802.3af/at (PoE or PoE+) output
    • Forwards both Ethernet data and PoE power to remote devices
    • Can be cascaded with second unit
    • Can split to connect up to 3 cameras when using two units in tandem
    • Must be protected within junction box to protect from elements

    What’s included?

    • (1) Passive PoE Extender


    Ethernet Port (1) 100Mbps Passive PoE power receiving port
    (1) 100Mbps PoE power supply port, supplies power for the next extender
    (1) 100Mbps PoE power supply port, supplies power for IPC
    Transmission Distance Extends PoE transmission distance 100m when used with 30W PoE injector. When used with 60W PoE+ injector can be cascaded with second PoE extender for total 300m transmission distance from original PoE injector.
    Power Consumption Less than 3 Watts
    Application Humidity 10% to 90%
    Working Temperature -22°F to 140°F
    Weight 2.1 oz
    Dimension 3.2″ x 2.1″ x 0.9″ (W×D×H)


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