RJ45 Weather Proof Jack Connector, Cable Gland

  • Protects RJ45 plug on IP camera
  • Screw on cover
  • IP67 weather protection

  • Description

    Add-on weather proof cable gland to protect the RJ45 connector on your IP camera. If you’re mounting your camera outdoors or in a moisture rich environment indoors, this is a must-have to protect the camera’s pigtail from the elements. Please watch the video below to learn how to properly use this weather-resistant gland.

    • Cable side shroud protects your network cable from water and dust. Simply slide on the waterproof cable gland to a cable for each end that needs waterproof protection, and terminate the cable using a desired CAT5e RJ45 plug.
    • Cable side circular threaded coupling to connect with camera side connector.
    • Included gasket seal provides IP67 rated water and dust protection.
    • CAT5e cable with a 6mm-7mm outside diameter is required for waterproofing.
    • Does not include the RJ-45 connector
    • Works with both CAT5E and CAT6 cable

    What’s included?

    • (1) Weather proof CAT5e RJ45 cable gland


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