Rugged Outdoor CCTV Camera with Enclosure



This Rugged Outdoor CCTV Camera with Enclosure is a professional class outdoor security camera that is suitable for industrial settings where a dependable camera is needed. The 1000TVL Digital Ultra Pro box camera is protected by a metal camera housing that protects not only from harsh weather, but also vandals. The camera has a 1/3″ HD CCD with a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) that offers crisp, clear imaging, a built-in Auto Electronic Shutter with Internal Auto-Iris that automatically adjusts to light changes, This camera now features a 1000TVL resolution as standard, and has an astounding 0.01 lux rating that allows the camera to see in virtually no light. The 1000TVL image sensor produces a picture comparable to 720P all without having to upgrade your analog CCTV system to HD. Plus the video is 960H compatible for use in the new 960H analog DVRs. There is also a Defog feature in our cameras that enhances the video on foggy days.

You have a choice of different lens options to choose from depending on the amount of zoom you are looking for. The camera comes standard with a 4mm lens that gives a 80 degree view. You can also upgrade to a manual varifocal lens with auto iris; these lenses can be adjust by levers located directly on the lens. The Auto-Iris 2.8-12mm Manual Zoom Lens provides a 90 degree max angle of view and 20 degree view at the narrowest mark. That translates to being able to see a face very clearly up to 30ft away from the camera at the 20 degree angle of view, and up to 15 feet away at the 90 degree angle of view. We also offer a more powerful 5-100mm Auto Iris Zoom Lens, which when all the way zoomed-in allows you to see a face up to 130ft away.

We also have an extreme temperature version of this camera that can be used in either very cold or hot climates. The camera includes a heater and fan. Be sure to checkout the High Temperature Camera.


  • 1x 1000TVL CCTV camera with enclosure
  • 1x 4mm CS Mount Camera Lens, can be upgraded from selection above
  • 1x Wall mount bracket
  • 1x 12V 500mA Power supply, can be upgraded from selection above

All you need is a video/power cable for easy hook up to any DVR Recorder, TV or Monitor!


Thank you