100ft Siamese Cable with Audio Video Power, Black

  • 100ft Siamese Cable
  • Audio, Video, Power Cable
  • For non-HD standard definition CCTV Cameras
  • Supports BNC, RCA, 12V DC
  • Description

    100ft Siamese Cable for security cameras with connectors premade on the cable so it is plug and play. Suitable to transmit non-HD analog video, audio, and 12V DC power. Perfect for use with security cameras that have a built-in microphone or for use with one of our add-on security camera microphones along with one of our standard definition analog security cameras.

    If you’re planning to use several cameras with external microphones, we suggest using one of our analog security camera DVR recorders with multiple audio inputs. You can find them below


    • 100ft Siamese Cable
    • Audio, Video, Power Cable
    • For security cameras with analog CVBS signal only
    • BNC, RCA, 12V DC

    What’s included?

    • (1) 100ft Audio/Video/Power Siamese Cable

    Reminder: premade cables cannot be cut and crimped again.