23cm Faceplate DisplayPort Female Socket Panel Mount Cable

This Delock cable is designed to extend your DisplayPort connection, making it easy to connect a range of devices. The female port is equipped with two screws, allowing you to securely attach it to a slot bracket, cable duct, or any enclosure with a matching opening. This functionality ensures you can position your DisplayPort connector in a convenient and easily accessible location.


Display Port Female to Female Panel Mount Cable:

Item Faceplate DisplayPort Female Socket Panel Mount Cable
Model No. DPCA006
Cable Type Display port cable
Interface type Display port
Interface Version DP 1.2/2.0
Interface Process Gold Plated
Conductor Material Tinned Copper, Bare copper
Resolution 4K@60Hz, 2K@144Hz, 2K@165Hz
Cable shielding Al Foil+Braid
Wire 28AWG or 30AWG
Screw Size 4-40
Color Black

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