24V AC Power Supply for CCTV and PTZ Cameras

  • 24V AC
  • 20VA, 40VA, 60VA, 72VA Options
  • For Heater Blower Camera Housing
  • For 24V AC CCTV Cameras
  • For PTZ Cameras
  • Description

    24V AC Power Supplies such as this power adaptor are commonly used for supplying power to CCTV products in the following applications:

    • Professional box camera and a heater blower housing
    • Regular sized PTZ camera that requires 24V AC
    • Pan Tilt Motors
    • Powering a 12V DC camera located 300ft or farther, and using a 24V to 12V DC down converter near the camera

    There are three options for this power supply based on the Amperage. You can make a selection from the drop down menu located near the add to cart button:

    • 20VA – 0.833 Amps
    • 40VA – 1.667 Amps
    • 60VA – 2.5 Amps
    • 72VA – 3 Amps

    Please consult the specifications of your device to determine how many amps it requires. Here’s a friendly tip:

    • 24V AC 20VA is used for dual voltage box cameras and heater blower enclosures.
    • 24V AC 40VA is used for PTZ cameras without infrared, Pan Tilt Motors, and 12V DC cameras with a down converter located over 300ft away.
    • 24V AC 60VA or 72VA is used for PTZ cameras with infrared and for devices requiring 40VA that are located more than 100ft away. In simple terms, using a higher amperage power supply makes up for the power loss over long wire runs.

    Please note picture is for illustrative purposes only. Actual product appearance may differ based on what is in stock.

    What’s included?

    • (1) 24V AC Power Supply