24V to 12V Converter



Would you rather use 24V power supplies for your 12V cameras? Is your camera power source located farther than 300 ft from the camera? If so, then why not purchase our 24V to 12V Power Converter? This nifty little device will allow you to have your power source distances of 1000 ft.+ away from the camera. Simply plug the Converter into the back of your 12V camera. Then attach your 18 gauge 2 conductor (two wires) to the other end of the Converter and run your wire. Once you’ve completed your run, attach the wires to our 24V Power Supply (not included) or use another 24V Power source that offers similar output to achieve these distances. It’s that simple!


  • 24V AC to 12V DC Converter
  • Supports Maximum output of 12V 1.5 Amp
  • Allows 12V DC camera to use 24V AC power supply
  • Input Voltage: AC 24V
  • Output Voltage: DC 12V 1.5 Amp Max
  • Connectors: Terminals connectors on both ends


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