CCTV Power Box UL Rated 12V DC



UL Rated equipment is industry standard for bringing electrical equipment to code. These CCTV Power Boxes are UL rated and come in 4, 9, and 18 port versions. All provide an output of 12V DC for use with 12V security cameras which are the norm these days. Here is a brief list of different varieties we offer that you can select from the drop down menu located above the add to cart button

  • 4 Port 5 Amp (approx 1.1amp output per port)
  • 9 Port 5 Amp (approx 0.55amp output per port)
  • 9 Port 10 Amp (approx 1.1amp output per port)
  • 18 Port 10 Amp (approx 0.55amp output per port)

Please check your cameras’ power consumption to determine which box is right for you. As a general rule, for cameras with 36 infrared LEDs or more, large infrared LEDs, or with claimed 100ft night vision or more, you will require the boxes with 1.1amp output per port.

If you are interested in non-UL rated power boxes that are less expensive, you can find them here: Security Camera Power Boxes

For those of you running 24 Volt devices, purchase our 24VAC 10Amp 18 port model.

Each Power Distribution Panel includes a 110V power cable to connect the box to a AC wall socket.