4 Channel Passive Balun Transceiver HD

  • 4 Channel Passive Balun Transceiver
  • Compatible w/ Passive or Active baluns
  • Supports 4 Cameras
  • Receives video from up to 800ft
  • Works with analog cameras
  • Works with HD security cameras
  • No Power Required

  • Description

    This 4 Port Passive Balun Transceiver that can be used as both a receiver or transmitter.  It is a very simple unit that has 4 BNC video connectors on one side and 4 pair of screw terminals connectors for bare leads from CAT5/6 wire. Since you can use this as both a transmitter or receiver, you can do the following:

    • Transmit 4 video signals between two 4 channel units – connect BNC video signals from up to 4 cameras to one transceiver, and run 4 pairs of 2-wire leads to another 4 Port Passive Balun Transceiver which will act as the receiver and connect that unit’s BNC connectors to a DVR to output video.
    • Act as the receiver for 4 video signals from 4 individual balun adapters
    • Act as the transmitter for 4 video signals to 4 individual balun adapters


    • Passive Balun Transceiver
    • Can transmit or receive 4x balun video signals
    • 4x Video Inputs / Outputs – 4 Screw terminal connections for wire leads coming from passive baluns or active balun transmitters connected to video source
    • 4 BNC video inputs/outputs to connect to cameras or DVR
    • Works with Analog Security Cameras
    • Works with HD Security Cameras over Coax up to 1080P
      • HDCVI – 800ft
      • TVI – 800ft
      • AHD – 600ft
    • Real time transmission without delay
    • Video Transmission distance depending on camera signal resolution and signal type
    • No power required – Passive Transceiver
    Transceiver Type 4CH Video Transceiver (Passive)
    Video Frequency Response Range: DC-6MHz;  Common-Mode / Differential-Mode rejection: 15KHz-6MHz 60dB type
    Wire Type 24AWG UTP CAT5 or higher; DC loop resistance ≦18Ω/ 100m; Differential capacitance: 62pF/m (max)
    Passive Transmission Distance

    Color HDCVI or HDTVI 1080P 800ft
    Color AHD 1080P 600ft

    Impedance UTP or Connection or RJ-45: 100Ω;  BNC Coax:75Ω
    Power None
    Transient Protection None
    Weight 1 lb


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