4 Channel Video Balun Receiver and Power Supply Hub

  • 4 Camera Video Balun Receiver with Power
  • Compatible w/ Video Power Baluns
  • Receives up to 4 CCTV video signals
  • Sends power to up to 4 Cameras
  • Receives video from up to 1300ft
  • Requires 110V AC

  • Description

    This 4 channel video balun receiver is two units in one. It has a built-in 4 camera passive video balun receiver and 12V DC power supply box so you can carry video and power over a single network cable that is either CAT5e or CAT6 for CCTV cameras. This simplifies the number of devices needed for a CCTV camera system, and allows for video transmission to lengths impossible for a coax siamese wire. This 4 camera video balun receiver with power works with our Video Power Baluns
    which you will need on the camera end to convert the BNC video signal and power to RJ45. These multi-channel video power balun hubs support 12V DC powered cctv cameras, including bullet, dome, or 12V PTZ Cameras. The total amperage output of the built-in power is 5amps, which is plenty for cameras with up to 100ft infrared, but be sure to check the amperage of your infrared night vision cameras. For cameras without IR, you should have no problem running power up to 750ft.

    There are two ways to use this balun + power hub:

    Method 1: Direct connection to camera balun and DVR
    You can connect your DVR recorder directly to the BNC video outputs on the receiver, with a max 1300ft video transmission distance from the camera using the passive video power baluns, and power up to 750ft.


    Method 2: Using the video power balun hub as a relay point between a camera and multi-channel video balun receiver that is active or passive. You can use this video power balun hub up to 750ft away from a video power balun connected to a camera to carry both video power signals. The video signals being received from up to 4 cameras can be retransmitted or relayed using the single RJ45 port labeled “4 in 1” to another multi-channel video balun receiver located near the DVR. This relay method allows the user to transmit video up to an additional 1300ft from this hub. This method is very useful in scenarios where 4 security camera signals need to be consolidated in to one wire to make wiring neater for large business installations with long cable runs.


    What’s Included?



    Transceiver Type 4 CH Passive Video Balun Receiver & Power Supply Hub (VPS)
    Video/Power Inputs 4x RJ45
    Video Output 4x BNC for connection to DVR, 1x RJ45 for relay to multi-channel balun receiver
    Video Frequency Response Range: DC-5MHz;  Common-Mode / Differential-Mode rejection: 5KHz-5MHz 60dB type
    Compatible Wire Type 24-16AWG UTP CAT5 or higher; DC loop resistance <= 18Ω/ 100m; Differential capacitance: 62pF/m (max)
    Impedance UTP or Connection or RJ-45: 100Ω;  BNC Coax:75Ω
    Power Input 110V AC
    Power Transmission 12V DC up to 750 ft Via UTP CAT5e or CAT6


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