50ft Camera Pack – 50ft All-in-one Video/Power Cable and Power Supply



This camera pack is meant for most security cameras with or without infrared that do not consume more than 12V 1000mA (1AMP) of current. Don’t worry if your camera consumers a lot less power because the included 1AMP 12V DC power supply is regulated and will not output more current than the camera needs. So your camera will not get fried if it runs on 12 Volts. This camera pack includes:

  • 1 x 50ft Video and Power All-in-one coax cable with BNC Male ends for video and a 12V DC power jack (male on one end and female on the other end)
  • 1 x 12V 1000mA power supply
  • 1 x BNC female to RCA male connector for those customers who have a RCA video output camera or those who need to connect a BNC camera to a TV RCA video input

This camera pack with work all of our cameras that consume less than 1AMP of current. For cameras that consume more than 1AMP of power, checkout our other camera packs:


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