50ft Siamese Video Power Cable HD, Black

  • 50ft Siamese Cable
  • Video, Power Cable
  • BNC, 12V DC
  • Black Color
  • For
    HD security cameras
    up to 4MP

  • Description

    50ft of Video and Power Siamese Cable for use with both analog CCTV and HD security cameras, add-on microphones, wireless receivers, and any other CCTV equipment that has a BNC video connection and 12V DC 2.1mm jack. This cable is good for use with CVBS signal types or HD over Coax signals up to 4MP resolution.

    If you have a 4K security camera, we recommend using a roll of solid copper coax wire for the best signal quality and to safeguard against have power issues that are common with 4K over coax cameras. To learn more about which security camera cable is right for your use, we recommend reading our guide on how to choose security camera cables.


    • 50ft BNC Video & Power Wire
    • Supports up to 4MP video resolution with HD over coax security cameras
    • Compatible with Analog Security Cameras (CVBS)
    • Compatible with HDCVI, AHD, and TVI cameras
    • Suitable for 12VDC 1Amp or lower power transmission
    • Does not support SDI cameras
    • Cable Color: Black
    • BNC Male Video Connector on each end
    • DC12V Power Jack/Plug on each end

    What’s included?

    • (1) 50ft Siamese Video Power Cable, Black

    Reminder: premade cables cannot be cut and crimped again.


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