BNC Coax Compression Connector

  • BNC Compression Connector
  • Use with BNC Compression Tool
  • For use with RG59U cable
  • Description

    BNC RG59U Compression Connectors are for the professional CCTV installer who is looking for the best possible connection to make on his CCTV coax wire. Although this compression connector is higher in cost compared to other BNC ends, it does offer the greatest reliability. It features 360 degree true radial compression to ensure the connector grips to the cable and will never fall off. The BNC compression connector does require some experience for proper placement, and a BNC compression tool.

    If you’re looking at this connector then you must be serious about the reliability of your CCTV cables. We suggest also using a continuity tester to test your cables after crimping them.

    What’s included?

    • (1) BNC compression connector