BNC Crimp Connector

  • 2 Piece BNC Crimp
  • Use with RG59 Crimp Tool
  • For use with RG59U cable
  • 1 Count

  • Description

    This listing is for one BNC crimp connector. BNC crimp connectors are a great and easy way for the professional CCTV installer or do-it-yourself user to securely terminate siamese security camera cable. You can also purchase these in bulk in a bag of 100 here.

    These BNC ends work with RG59U cable taken from a roll, and not with premade siamese cable. If you’re unsure what is premade cable vs cable from a roll, please see the image below.

    This BNC crimp connector is a 2 piece design where the gold pin is already soldered to the connector. All you have to do is strip your RG59U coax wire using a coax wire stripper, and pop these on, and crimp them using a coax BNC crimping tool. Crimp connectors do come in different varieties depending on the type of cable they are to be used with. This BNC crimp connector is for use with RG59U siamese coax cable where the conductor wire is 20awg that we sell in rolls of 500ft and 1000ft.

    Don’t forget to purchase male power terminals to complete your security camera cable installation. If you’re wondering how the BNC crimp and power terminal go together, please refer to the image below from our security camera guide.

    What’s included?

    • 1 Count of 2 piece BNC RG59U crimp connector


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