Female RCA Audio Balun

  • Connects RCA Mic to PTZ

  • Description

    This is a Female RCA Audio Balun that allows you to connect one of our security camera microphones to a PTZ camera using a two-lead connection on the camera. If you’d like to take advantage of both audio-in and audio-out one of our cameras that has a two-lead wire connection, you will need two of these connectors. Keep in mind this does not provide power, it only passes the audio connection.

    If you need to extend the wire between your security camera and this connector, you can use 18 awg wire to run up to 100ft. Don’t forget to also purchase a 12V DC power supply for your microphone, as not all PTZ cameras are 12V DC.

    If you’re unsure of how to use this audio balun, we suggest following the below video tutorial.


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