Outdoor Security Camera Microphone

  • Add-on Microphone
  • Outdoor use
  • 12V DC
  • Built-in Power Splitter

  • Description

    Affordable microphone for outdoor use with a security camera or DVR recorder. The 71415 microphone is small in size and perfect for use under an eaves, porch or some sort of overhang. It can also be used indoors or hidden under objects or over ceiling tiles. This microphone offers the convenience of a power splitter built-in for 12V DC so you can split power between the camera and the mic without needing any additional connectors.

    Based on our testing, this security camera add-on mic can pick-up audio from up to 30ft away in a quiet environment.

    For wiring, you can use either a RCA cable or a BNC siamese cable with additional BNC to RCA connector. You can even use baluns with BNC to RCA connectors.


    • Built-in Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
    • Adjustable Gain Control
    • Easily add audio to any security camera or DVR
    • Audio listen-in from up to 30ft away
    • RCA Female Jack for Audio Output
    • 12V DC Power Plug to relay power to camera
    • 12V DC Power Jack for power input

    What’s Included?

    • (1) Add-on Microphone


    Power Consumption      12VDC 120mA
    Power Input Up to 12VDC 2A
    Frequency Range 200Hz – 10kH
    Output Level 2.5V p-p -25dB
    Output Impedance 600Ω
    Sensitivity -60dB
    Monitoring Area

    30ft radius

    Material Plastic
    Dimensions 6.3cm x 3.1cm (LxW) Mic Body


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