Indoor Security Camera Microphone

  • Add-on Microphone
  • Indoor Use
  • 12V DC
  • Description

    If you are looking to add audio monitoring to your security camera or surveillance system, then this small microphone will be a perfect add-on accessory. It is a small mono aural microphone for indoor use, and has good audio listening capability up to 60ft away indoors. Be sure to account for having an extra coax line to run the audio signal from this mic, and a 12V DC power source. You can wire this add-on security camera microphone several different ways, including the following:

    If adding to an existing camera location, you can get a new premade BNC Siamese Cable to run this security camera microphone and use BNC Female to RCA Male connectors to terminate the BNC to RCA to connect the microphone and DVR. The DC power connectors will simply connect from the cable to the mic, and to a 12V power supply. You can purchase a 12V 500mA power supply here.

    If you are adding a new camera and microphone, then we suggest purchasing our Audio Video Power CCTV Wire and a DC Power Splitter which together will let you connect a camera and microphone together on one cable and power both at the same time as well. For the power supply in this case, we suggesting using at least a 12V 1amp power supply to make sure ample current is provided to both the camera and microphone.


    • Add audio to any CCTV Camera
    • Audio pick-up from up to 60ft away
    • RCA Female Jack for Audio Output
    • 12V DC Power Jack
    • We recommend using a 1 to 2 DC Power Splitter to split power from an existing camera cable

    What’s included?

    • (1) Add-on Security Camera Microphone