Outdoor Security Camera Microphone



This add-on outdoor security camera microphone is very useful when adding sound to your security camera system either indoors or outdoors. The range of this microphone is an amazing 300 square feet! At the time of installation make sure the microphone is facing in the right direction to ensure that you get maximum coverage from this device.


  • Waterproof for use under an eaves
  • Comes with 2 built-in screw holes for mounting to wall
  • Add audio functionality to any security camera
  • High sensitivity microphone monitioring a 300 square feet area
  • RCA Female Jack for Audio Output
  • 12V DC Power Jack
  • 12V DC Power input required thru camera power supply

Package Contents:


Power Consumption      12V 12mA
Frequency Range 200Hz – 10kH
Output Level 0-6V pp
Monitor Area

5m2 – 150m

Dimensions 2.25in(L)x1.25in(W)x.5in(H)



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