PTZ Video Baluns with Power Transmission



This video balun transmitter receiver pair will allow you to send video, power, and data all over one CAT5e/CAT6 cable. Makes installation of pan tilt zoom cameras very easy.


  • Allows you use to use CAT5E or CAT6 Cable with your Pan Tilt Zoom Security Cameras instead of Coax Cable
  • Transmit or Receive real-time color or B&W video signals with power
  • Balun adapters allow for video transmission over longer distances than coax cable will let you
  • Color video up to 100ft via CAT5e or 6 Cable
  • Power signal up to 350ft, you can use 12V or 24V, DC or AC
  • No power required for the balun itself
  • Exceptional interference rejection


  • 1x Male type Video Power Data Balun Transceiver
  • 1x Female type Video Power Data Balun Transceiver


Correct Cat5 Pin Assignment for making your own Cat5/6 cable:

Sample installation diagram:


Thank you