Indoor Dummy Camera



Here’s another non-functioning security camera, yet this one includes a features not seen on others.  For starters, you’ll receive that ‘real camera look’ at an inexpensive price, however this fake camera includes a red LED and operates off of Motion Detection! We’ll explain: Once the camera detects motion/activity in front of the camera (up to approx. 20 ft.) the Red LED light will turn ON and then the camera will begin to Pan back and forth all by itself. Is that awesome or what?!? That’s right. The camera will begin to rotate back and forth letting the bad guy know someone is either watching i.e. moving the camera from a remote location OR the camera automatically kicked on after it detected movement and is now recording! Powered by AA batteries (not included) this Dummy Cam includes Mounting hardware, and screws. You need nothing more but a location to mount it.