Mini Dome Dummy Camera



You’ve seen these cameras everywhere! Used in Banks, Dept. Stores, Hotels, Vegas Casinos, etc., etc. Our non-functioning security camera Mini Dome enclosure is very popular!  They look so authentic simply because this is our real ‘Mini Dome’ casing. Now obviously there isn’t a camera inside it, however who would know otherwise? That’s because the casing is tinted!  The purpose for this is to assist in hiding a real cameras pointed direction. Thus, no one knows for sure whether or not there’s 1 to 4 cameras enclosed within it and or what direction they’re facing/viewing. Great for ceiling or wall mount applications. It has a red LED that you can use by plugging in 2 AA batteries (not included), or just use it without the blinking LED light as real cameras don’t blink.


  • 1x Dummy dome camera